About Ch’nook

Marilyn Joseph & Molly Dawson - Ch'nook AMP Grads 2010

Ch’nook is a unique initiative founded by the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Established to address the needs of sustainable economic development in Indigenous communities, Ch’nook also recognizes the importance of celebrating the accomplishments of existing successful Aboriginal business leaders, organizations, and current students pursuing business education. Working with community, business, and academic partners, Ch’nook promotes business as a viable career choice for Aboriginal students and supports them in achieving their education in management and business.

Ch’nook contributes to community-based economic development through its dual focus on fostering student interest in and engagement with business education opportunities and on supporting Aboriginal business leaders and entrepreneurs in developing crucial business skills and capabilities.

Ch’nook Name

The name Ch’nook was chosen as a reminder of the Chinook jargon (pronounced Ch’nook) used in earlier times as the language of trade.

Ch’nook Logo

The new logo draws on the early logo to provide continuity in reinforcing Ch’nook’s mandate as a modern, professional organization of learning. Ch’nook is focused on developing leadership and management skills needed for business success and economic independence. Ch’nook provides high-level educational opportunities to students requiring the knowledge needed to compete in tomorrow’s world.

The logo represents Ch’nook’s positive influence and ideal and strong culture for giving back to the community. The logo creates a visual that highlights the progressive energy of cycles or circles important in Aboriginal culture and iconography and is intended to represent:

  • the passing of knowledge from generation to generation or from the elders to youth;
  • from educational institution to student;
  • interaction of past students with future students;
  • the passing of skills and confidence;
  • a circle of giving back to the community;
  • a continuous exchange of ideas;
  • a progression to towards future success;
  • unity and harmony in business partnerships; and,
  • a never ending cycle of Ch’nook’s dedication and energy to provide the best opportunities for education.

Early Logo

The artwork was created by Ross Hunt, a Kwagiulth artist from the village of Fort Rupert on northern Vancouver Island. The salmon was selected as a symbol linking First Nations and business because of the importance of this fish in traditional trading activities.